It doesn’t take much intelligence to work out that if you walk on stage or stand before a camera and you are not truthful , that is what you present isn’t ‘real’ , then you will not have much of a career as an actor. Because it’s no good being asked to play a part and then come up with a grotesque facsimillie of what life actually is. I mean to be asked to play a solicitor and present a costermonger would be derr the wrong choice. This is naturally an extreme but it doesn’t take a degree in aeronautics and astro physics and gynaecology  to make the connection does it?  To use an oft quoted actors’ saying: ‘ If you’re fake you’re fooked (luv!)’  (Please excuse my language but this is what actors, a breed apart, say to each other when discussing ‘the biz’ over a pint of Guinness which is the actors’ favourite ‘tipple’ ( for foreign students a ‘tipple’ is a drink.)) If you become an actor you will have to realise that you too are a ‘breed apart’ and relish it. Embrace your ‘apartness’ and go for it hammer and tongs and belts and braces.  Dive fully clothed into the ‘apartness’ and zoom up to the surface brandishing your different approach to life like a pearl prized from a monster oyster. (and not a clam).
So. Truth. If you’re not truthful it’s as if you’d walked up to the camera and said ‘banana’ and you are not a seller of bananas. You have nothing to do with bananas. You’re playing Boudicca the Queen of the Iceni and you’re covered in woad and blood and you say ‘banana’! . As if you’d wandered on stage and your bits and pieces popped out of your toga. Or for women, a breast bursts out of your bodice and talks. It says’ hello sailor’ .  Untruth  leaps out at you and grabs your attention so much it is swearing and screaming ‘aaaaaaargh..bite me bite , bite me.’  Untruth, lack of truth, is dire. Is faecal matter oozing from a fetid drain.   I will be stronger than that. It is a rotting corpse in the front room, stinking the place out as if you were in a charnel house.

Truth like a sweet smelling rose that fills your nostrils with pungency and causes you to salivate with joy.  I do every time I see it. Because it works. The scene works. An untruthful performance leaps out at you like a tiger going for the kill with a sore thumb. Truth is bliss. If you follow my mantra, my way of creating truth, acting will be joyous for you and for those watching you. Remember.

Truth is the only good acting.

TITOGA…Say it. TITOGA..shout it…TITOGA….scream it….TITOGA

Follow it and you will become a truthful actor….. only pursuing the truth.


My book ‘Acting the Nathan Burbage Sinclaire Way’ is out soon. Price £75. I will tell you obviously when it is finished. ‘Soon’. ‘Soon’. As The Blue Nile once said.

Truth Is The Only Good Acting: TITOGA