Other Methods

2016-05-19_13-51-35Ho there! Do you want to be an actor? A professional one I mean… i.e make a living from acting. (Though amateur actors could use this site as well)

(Obviously I’m not guaranteeing you work but I can certainly help you have a go)
Or you might already be an actor but are making no progress and let’s face it, you might be rubbish.
Sometimes you just have to face facts and realise ‘oops I’m not really er very good!’
Well clearly this site is for you if that’s the case.
I am Nathan Burbage Sinclaire and a lifetime ‘in the biz of show’ as an actor and teacher has taught me what you need to get on.
On this site you will find a whole series of tools to help you make a start.
But there is also a lot of vital information for the seasoned pro to make his or her technique and ability better.
Remember. My experience is great. Use me. And it.

If you’re interested in me and my site and want to see how ‘truth’ is the only acting, please sign up.


To paraphrase Sophie Ellis-Bextor ‘Acting is my life you see’.